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Hi there, I’m Sam Whittaker, the editor-in-chief of Manteligencia.

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Manteligenca was created because my team and I were tired of reading the same bland, low-quality, and low-value content for men. We wanted to grow to be better men, but found that it was hard to find the right type of information online to help us.

What is the right type of content? To me, it follows three fundamental rules:

Rule #1: Easy to understand 

Rule #2: Actionable

Rule #3: In-depth

And it’s these three rules help us create content with one goal in mind: to help you become a better, more intelligent man.

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2. Check out these 5 must-read articles

I put together this list of articles that I feel every man should read to help jump-start his Manteligencia.

These are some my favorite articles we’ve ever published… and if you’re looking to become a better, more intelligent man, they’re must-read articles:

Must-Read #1: Los 57 Piropos Más Atractivos Para Enamorarla

Pickup lines should not be used in all situations. But, used at the right times, they can be extremely powerful. Our conversation expert, Jasper Chase, has tested thousands and thinks that these 57 are the most effective.

Must-Read #2: Qué Escribirle a Una Mujer Que Te Gusta

In today’s digital world, knowing how to text a girl is immensely important. This is especially true with the first texts that you send to a girl. For help, check out this article from our dating expert, Sam Whittaker.

Must-Read #3: ¿Cómo saber si le gusto a una chica? – 12 señales subconscientes de atracción femenina

It’s the age-old question… does she like me? Yes, women are mysterious and confusing creatures… but with these 12 telltale signs, you’ll have a dramatically easier time of determining if she is in fact into you.

Must-Read #4: 8 Trucos para Mantener una Conversación con una Chica – Método Efectivo para Hablar con Mujeres

From time to time, all of struggle to make conversations. And we all know that this struggle becomes way harder when you’re trying to talk to a girl. These 8 tricks make having and maintaining a conversation with (any) girl… immensely easier.

Must-Read #5: 63 Mensajes de amor para mujeres – ¡Hazla feliz!

Just like a good pick up lines, these love messages are a helpful thing to have in your back pocket. These 63 have been hand picked by our conversation expert, Jasper. Use these to make her happy… anytime / anywhere.

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4. Get Involved

Guys, more than anything, I want you to know that this site isn’t run by a big corporation… it’s run by myself and a very small team. On top of that, Manteligencia is 100% free.

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5. Turn off your computer… and go make some memories

When you’re 80, sitting on your rocking chair, reflecting on your life… are you going to remember the time you spent on the computer, or the time you spent doing awesome stuff?

The world is an incredible, beautiful place… don’t forget to enjoy it.

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